✓ Vitamins and amino acids for muscle growth

✓ 12 high dosage vitamins for maximum antioxidant efficacy

✓ 8 broad spectrum minerals for hydro-saline recovery

✓ 2.5 billion live and active lactic ferments to improve absorption and bioavailability

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The high dosage Amino Acid Multivitamin for power and mass

In many cases, muscle growth depends on minimal details and it is very important for bodybuilders to meet the vitamin requirements to realize their maximum development potential.

With this aim we created Muscle Vitamin, the first high-dose multivitamin specific for strength athletes and for muscle mass.

Muscle Vitamin is composed of 7 basic elements:

  • 12 High Dosage vitamins for maximum antioxidant efficacy
  • 8 broad spectrum minerals for hydro-saline recovery
  • 2.5 billion live and active lactic ferments to improve absorption and bioavailability
  • Arginine, essential amino acid in the production of nitric oxide (no)
  • Creatine to build energy on a cellular level
  • Beta alanine to stabilize the muscle pH, ensuring a decrease in the sense of fatigue during physical activity
  • Leucine has a powerful anti-catabolic effect and increases protein synthesis.
  • Today in the new formulation even more powerful thanks to:
  • Higher intake of Vitamin D3
  • Higher dose of Vitamin B12
  • Supply of iron and folic acid

> Who needs Muscle Vitamin?

Athletes who want the best, the most complete multivitamin-amino acid supplement to build muscle mass.

> The importance of vitamins for muscles

Often athletes do not give importance to vitamins and minerals, thinking that it is sufficient to take any multivitamin / multimineral supplement, without taking into account that it is necessary to provide the body with all the vitamins and minerals necessary to recover and repair muscles in the proper shape.

Vitamin C helps to limit the production of free radicals, substances that are formed in stressful situations, and which hinder muscle growth, and to lower cortisol levels.

Everyone knows about the properties of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system, but perhaps not everyone knows that this vitamin is involved in the synthesis of hormones, amino acids and collagen.

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that helps limit and protect against the production of free radicals. In addition, it prolongs the life of red blood cells and ensures the correct use of oxygen by the muscles.

Vitamin B12 participates in the formation of red blood cells, which stimulate energy production and muscle growth; in addition to profoundly affecting muscle growth, this vitamin helps keep nerve cells and red blood cells in good health and is necessary for DNA formation.

Potassium is a mineral necessary for muscle contraction.

It helps the body to maintain the right volume of liquids inside and outside the cells and therefore to regulate normal cellular functions.

Selenium is a mineral that strengthens the immune system, defends the body from disease and plays a fundamental role in muscle recovery.

Iron regulates cell growth and is considered a fundamental mineral because almost two thirds of the iron present in the body is found in hemoglobin, the protein contained in red blood cells that serves to transport oxygen into the tissues. An iron deficiency can affect training intensity.

> The lactic ferments of Muscle Vitamin

They are bacteria normally present in the intestine in physiological conditions, indispensable for ensuring the well-being of the individual. In fact, they perform various metabolic activities: they synthesize some important vitamins, transform part of the digested food into useful and easily metabolizable substances, act on pancreatic juices and bile, neutralize toxins and above all perform a protective action against pathogenic bacteria, thanks to the production of lactic acid, on the entire intestinal tube.

It happens in fact, that due to antibiotic therapies, excessive use of laxatives and anti-acid substances, gastrointestinal disorders, old age, an unbalanced diet, preservatives in food, etc, the intestine is significantly depleted of bacterial microflora. This results in unpleasant manifestations such as: halitosis, flatulence, colitis, bloating and abdominal tension, constipation, abnormal fermentations, skin manifestations (furunculosis, acne, eczema, dermatosis), headaches, digestive difficulties and nutrient malabsorption, deficiency of vitamins of the groups B, E and K, lowering of the immune defenses, predisposition to infectious diseases.

It is clear, therefore, that the maintenance of a normal bacterial flora is fundamental in order to preserve the health and well-being of each individual.

Different environmental conditions exist in the various intestinal tracts, which favor the preferential establishment of some strains of bacteria.

Muscle Vitamin uses a calibrated mixture of lactic bacteria, such as to allow an appropriate colonization of the different areas: lactobacillus acidophilus 50% (duodenum – jejunum), bacterium bifidus 30% (jejunum – ileum – appendix), lactobacillus casei variety rhamnosus 10% (colon), lactobacillus bulgaricus 5% (duodenum-jejunum), streptococcus thermophilus 5% (duodenum).

The ferments are produced on suitable soils using selected strains, are then concentrated and dried by means of a freeze-drying process, so that the conservation and survival of a large number of bacteria is guaranteed.

Nutritional values  100 g* dosage** VNR***
*of the product
**2 tablets of 1250 mg / each
***nutritional reference values
Energy value 0 kcal
0 kj
0 kcal
0 kj
L-arginine 20 g 500 mg
L-Leucine 17,6 g 440 mg
Creatine 6,4 g 160 mg
Beta-Alanine 16 g 400 mg
Total lactic ferments 100 mld ufc 2,5 mld ufc
Vitamin A 32 mg 800 mcg 100%
Vitamin B1 100 mg 1,65 mcg 150%
Vitamin B2 127 mg 2,10 mg 150%
Vitamin PP 1 g 23 mg 150%
Pantothenic acid 400 mg 9 mg 150%
Vitamin B6 150 mg 2,1 mg 150%
Vitamin B9 10 mg 300 mcg 150%
Vitamin B12 1 mg 20 mcg 800%
Vitamin C 4,8 mg 120 mcg 150%
Vitamin D3 1 mg 25 mcg 150%
Vitamin E 1,2 g 36 mg 300%
Biotin 2,5 mg 75 mcg 150%
Boron 40 mg 1 mg
Calcium 6,3 mg 160 mg 20%
Chlorine 0,2 mg 5 mcg
Chrome 2 mg 50 mcg 125%
Iron 1 g 25 mg 100%
Iodine 3 mg 75 mcg 50%
Magnesium 2 g 45 mg
Manganese 124 mg 3,1 mg 155%
Copper 100 mg 1,5 mcg 150%
Selenium 2,1 mg 55 mcg 100%
Zinc 0,6 g 12,5 mg 125%
  • Ingredients:

l-arginine, l-leucine, beta-alanine, creatine, stabilizers: polyvinylpyrrolidone, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agents: vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide; vitamin c, mix of lactic ferments (lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus rhamnosus, bifidobacterium short, bifidobacterium animalis), magnesium oxide, vitamin E, ferrous sulphate, vitamin pp, zinc oxide, vitamin b5, cupric sulphate, vitamin a, vitamin b6, vitamin b9, vitamin b2, vitamin b1, vitamin d3, chromium picolinate, biotin, vitamin b12, potassium iodide, sodium selenite

  • Direction for use:

Take 2 tablets a day with water or other liquid of your choice near main meals.

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