M.A.S 16


✓ Essential amino acids for improving performance

✓ No nitrogen slag and maximum protein synthesis

✓ Strong anabolic stimulus

✓ Use only of ultra-purified and crystallized amino acids



Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are essential amino acids, the amino acids that the body is unable to produce. In addition to acting as a building block for protein synthesis, the essential amino acids taken in the form of supplements play a fundamental role in the physiological stimulation and in the creation of important hormones such as the growth hormone (GH), insulin, glucagon. Essential amino acid supplements perform an important muscle recovery action by facilitating protein synthesis.

Essential amino acids and performance improvement

Amino acids are the key to good cellular and therefore mitochondrial health.

In recent years, in addition to the classic BCAA the attention of research has been focused also on some essential and non-essential amino acids that manifest a role in the anabolic process that had not been well considered before.

Over the years, more and more scientific studies have shown the validity of essential amino acids in improving performance by:

  • Eutrophic and energetic activity;
  • Increasing protein synthesis not only on the muscular level but in all those physiological functions such as the immune system, digestive system, hormonal system and central nervous system;
  • their anabolic component due to leucine by stimulation of the mTor pathway;
  • Contrasting mental fatigue;
  • Improving respiratory performance thanks to the balancing action exerted on metabolic acidosis resulting from muscle work;
  • Interrupting the glutamine drop following repeated and prolonged efforts, the primary index of a decrease in immune defenses;
  • Positivizing the anti-catabolic nitrogen balance and saving protein substrates;
  • Greater use of fats for energy purposes;
  • Increasing testosterone levels significantly following appropriate intake before training;
  • Decreasing levels of cortisol and the CPK enzyme (enzyme that shows muscle damage);
  • Producing less ammonia and urea and disposing of these substances faster, thus providing a detoxifying effect on the body;


M.A.S. 16 (Amino Acid Sequence Matrix)

M.A.S. 16 is a peptide fraction consisting of 8 essential l-amino acids, stoichiometrically present in a qualitative/quantitative ratio that allows their optimal absorption and maximum use, specifically designed for the human body.

This balanced mixture has the peculiarity of:

> being assimilated in a few minutes in the first parts of the small intestine without digestive efforts

> not producing waste and managing to guarantee maximum protein synthesis

The protein gain following the amino acid meal or snack derives from an increase in protein synthesis and the particular presence in the M.A.S. 16 of BCAA decreases muscle protein degradation.

The right ratio of tryptophan in the formulation of the M.A.S. 16 affects the synthesis of serotonin and has a significant influence on the synthesis of gh.

For this purpose, only ultra-purified and crystallized amino acids are used. The BCAAs used are of vegetable origin obtained by bacterial fermentation.

This peculiarity allows to obtain a product without allergenic potential even for the most demanding users, who may be intolerant and/or allergic to milk proteins, and to have a greater bioavailability than synthetic ones.

Furthermore, providing in the lowest weight and volume, the maximum protein value compared to any other food, due to its purity it does not overload the kidneys and liver with the absence of variations in nitrogen, creatinemia and uricemia.

How to use the M.A.S. 16

  • Before training: combine with Perfect Carb 7 carbohydrate vehicle.
  • Before training: combine with 6 Pack (for weight loss).
  • Protein snack: in case of logistical difficulties with solid food or if you want a minimal gastric footprint while maintaining a high energy efficiency, combine it with a minimum quantity of Perfect Carb 7.


> Why are there non-essential amino acids in M.A.S. 16?

  • The presence of non-essential amino acids is justified by the fact that low levels of these amino acids in the plasma can compromise the synthesis of proteins in situations where rapid growth is required.
  • The addition of trimethylglycine to the formulation represents an added value: DNA loses methyl groups as a result of normal cellular aging. Each trimethylglycine molecule donates three methyl groups to the DNA and this helps the process of re-methylation with increased cell longevity. It reduces homocysteine ​​levels in the blood, a molecule associated with thrombosis, atherosclerosis and systemic inflammation.
  • Ornithine strengthens the immune system and promotes liver function and regeneration, important in urea formation, increasing the elimination of ammonia.
  • Alanine, through pyruvate deamination, is the main precursor for hepatic gluconeogenesis, therefore useful in case of physical or mental discomfort to which an athlete is subjected.
  • Tyrosine: non-essential aa, added to increase the effectiveness of the nitrogen balance


> Why are BCAAs not present in the 2:1:1 ratio?

  • Leucine is not present in the usual 2:1:1 or higher ratio compared to isoleucine and valine. In fact, leucine has been deliberately kept low for its ability to competitively lower dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that reduces the sensation of fatigue.
  • Isoleucine and valine in equal parts help to reduce the feeling of tiredness at the central level (valine) and to improve the anaerobic lactacid or high intensity aerobic metabolism (isoleucine), by increasing the flow of glucose into the muscle cell. So we tried to reach the right compromise between anabolic stimulus (leucine), reduction of central fatigue and increase of energy metabolism.

> Why, compared to other products on the market, is there a lower ratio of phenylalanine and higher tyrosine?

Phenylalanine has a lower dosage than the other competitors. This apparent inconsistency is readily justified by the fact that phenylalanine is converted into tyrosine, but in our formulation tyrosine is already present in physiological doses. In addition, phenylalanine has hyperglycemic effects, however, the formulation already contains amino acids with this peculiarity, therefore this dosage is logical in order to not create further pancreatic discomfort and reactive hypoglycaemia.

It is suitable to be taken before a physical effort for the right leucine-isoleucine-valine ratio and the presence of a greater quantity of the aa tyrosine, which causes an increase in energy expenditure, an increase in the oxidation of fats, an increase in thyroid hormones, increase of dopamine with consequent reduction of central fatigue.


fermented l-leucine, l-lysine hcl, fermented l-isoleucine, fermented l-valine, l-threonine, l-aspartic acid, l-cystine, l-histidine hcl, l-phenylalanine, l-alanine, l-serine, ornithine, akg, trimethylglycine, l-tyrosine, l-methionine, l-tryptophan, vitamin b6.

Rheological stabilizers for the tablet format: microcrystalline cellulose, pvp, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Powdered format for both flavors: citric acid, aroma, SOY lecithin, sucralose, colorings: turmeric powder (for orange flavor), cola powder (for cola lime taste).

Directions for use:

TABLETS: We recommend taking up to 10 tablets per day.

POWDER: We recommend taking 2 scoops (10g) in 150ml of water.

Nutritional values 100 g* dosage** vnr***
*means the products
**10 tablets of 1150 mg / each.
***nutritional reference values
241 kcal – 1045 kj 28 kcal – 120 kj
Fat 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g 0 g
protein 0 g 0 g
salt 0 g 0 g
l-Fermented leucine 17,39 g 2000 mg
l-lysine hc 11,30 g 1300 mg
l-fermented isoleucine 10,43 g 1200 mg
l-fermented valine 10,43 g 1200 mg
l-threonine 6,09 g 700 mg
l-aspartic acid 5,22 g 600 mg
l-cystine 2,61 g 300 mg
l-histidine hcl 2,61 g 300 mg
l-phenylalanine 2,61 g 300 mg
l-alanine 2,61 g 300 mg
2,61 g 300 mg
l-ornithine akg 1,74 g 200 mg
l-trimethylglycine 1,74 g 200 mg
l-tyrosine 1,74 g 200 mg
l-methionine 0,87 g 100 mg
l-tryptophan 0,43 g 50 mg
vitamin b6 10 mg 1,4 mg 100%
Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 11 cm

Cola Lime, Neutral, Orange


300 g., 300 tablets

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