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✓ Drains excess liquids

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✓ Eliminates the feeling of bloating and heaviness

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8 herbs for a double draining effect

A disorganized life, stress and hormonal changes are all situations likely to increase water retention.

Dren 8 is a food supplement of concentrated extracts that is effective to:

  • Assist the elimination of excess liquids
  • Counteract overweight
  • Eliminate the swelling and imperfections of cellulite.

Dren 8 is also useful for athletes in the definition phase who are trying to eliminate water retention for the chiseled abs effect.

The synergy of the 8 dry extracts present in the product stimulates the draining activity of the liver and kidneys.

The drain 8 effect is fast and immediate, thanks in part to the MicroFast Technology™.


Dren 8 contains dry extracts of:

> Birch

The dry birch extract is known for its diuretic and purifying properties, accompanied by an anti-infective effect on the genito-urinary tract, especially on the bladder. In fact, birch stimulates the excretion of water, sodium, chlorine and nitrogen waste, without irritating the kidney epithelium in any way. For this reason, it is often used to combat the typical fluid retention associated with obesity and cellulite.

> Indian pennywort

The dry extract of the centella manifests a protective effect by stimulating the production of collagen by the fibroplasts, and this can improve both the tone and the elasticity of the venous wall. It can also accelerate the healing of skin sores of any origin and first and second degree burns. It is also indicated for the treatment of capillary fragility.

> Pilosella

The dry hawkweed extract is rich in coumarins, mainly represented by umbelliferone. This plant is known for its diuretic and purifying effect, also accompanied by anti-infectious activity at the level of the genito-urinary tract, in particular of the bladder.

It is also widely used to combat the typical fluid retention associated with obesity and cellulite as it acts directly at the level of the renal tubules, where it stimulates the excretion of water, sodium, chlorine and nitrogen waste, without irritating the renal epithelium in any way.

> Ortosifon

The dry extract is taken from the leaves and from the tip of this plant, known for its diuretic and purifying effect, and nebulized and titrated in total phenolic compounds.

The diuretic effect is primarily due to the inhibition of the reabsorption of water, sodium and chlorine, but also to a decrease of liquid retention in the tissues, which is precisely one of the factors that influence urinary excretion.

Ortisofon increases the renal elimination of water, but also of urea, chlorides and uric acid and has a stimulating effect on bile production.

> Nettle

The titrated in silica extract is obtained from the nettle plant and leaves. Useful for promoting the elimination of excess liquids, nettle exerts a diuretic effect towards chlorides and urea. It is also useful for reducing the volume of the prostate and the symptoms related to its increase.

From grape seeds we obtain the dry extract titrated in proanthocyanidins and resveratrol.

The proatocyanidins contained in this extract perform a protective vessel action both at the level of the arterioles and venules and also decrease the permeability of the vessels.

The red vine is therefore very useful in all pathologies where cardioprotective and capillary protective effects are desired, with the consequent improvement of the arteriovenous circulation.

> Dren 8: stop water retention

Water retention is a very common condition that occurs when the body is unable to effectively eliminate accumulated toxins.

In general, water retention can be caused by an inadequate lifestyle, nutritional errors, sedentary lifestyle and prolonged intake of certain drugs and can be responsible for overweight, venous disorders and blemishes such as cellulite.

In fact, cellulite starts mainly because of venous problems. The veins lose tone and elasticity, causing the blood flow to slow down, especially in the lower limbs, and toxins (catabolites) to stagnate on an organic level. The blood, stagnating in the capillaries, decreases their elasticity and permeability, reducing the ability of the capillaries themselves to nourish the surrounding tissues adequately.

In the long run, this process causes inflammation of the tissues, in particular of the fat cells, of the interstitial tissue and of the capillaries and subsequently represents the first phase of cellulite, which is the edematous type. The plants contained in DREN 8 help to decrease water retention, increase the elimination of waste from the body, ensure the functionality of the micro cycle and promote the health of the whole organism.

The draining activity of the dren 8 formula is guaranteed because all the plants therein exhibit a more or less pronounced emunctory action.

Orthosiphon increases the renal elimination of water, but also of urea, chlorides and uric acid and has a stimulating effect on bile production.

Horsetail performs capillarotropic activity, supporting cell walls and blood vessels to be less fragile and permeable.

Hawkweed, in addition to counteracting fluid retention, promotes the physiological processes of organic detoxification.


Cellulose, pilosella es 0.5% flavonoids (hieracium pilo sella plant), birch es 1% hyperoside (betula alba leaves), goldenrod es (solidago virga aurea flowering tops), ortosifon es 0.1% sinensetin (orthosiphon stamineus leaves), nettle es (urtica urens leaves), bermuda grass es (agropyron repens rhizome), red vine es 95% proanthocyanins (vitis vinifera seeds), centella asiatica 3% triterpene derivatives (hydrocotyle asiatica plant) rheological stabilizers: polyvinylpyrrolidone, magnesium stearate vegetable, silicon dioxide

Directions for use:

Take 2 tablets a day, preferably in the morning with water or other liquid.

  100 g* dose**
*of product
**2 tablets of 800 mg / each
Pilosella dry extract
of which Flavonoids
12,5 g
6,3 mg
200 mg
1 mg
Birch dry extract
of which hyperoside
12,5 g
125 mg
200 mg
2 mg
Goldenrod d.e. 9,4 g 150 mg
Ortosifon e.s.
of which Sinensetina
9,4 g
9,4 mg
150 mg
150 μg
Nettle dry extract 9,4 g 150 mg
Bermuda grass d.e.
9,4 g 150 mg
Red Vine d.e.
of which Proantocianine
6,3 g
6,0 g
100 mg
95 mg
Centella d.e.
of which teriterpene derivatives
3,1 g
93 mg
50 mg
1,5 mg
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