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BCAA Pre Workout

✓ The specific pre-workout BCAA

✓ Useful for keeping energy levels constant

✓ Greater clarity and concentration during training

✓ Also suitable for endurance sports

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The three branched-chain essential amino acids Leucine-Isoleucine-Valine alone represent about 30-40% of all muscle proteins. Taking BCAA pre-workout provides a greater energy and metabolic supply, with a rapid increase in functional, muscle and psychophysical efficiency. During training, BCAA are destroyed due to muscle contraction. Therefore taking BCAA pre-workout allows you to improve muscle contraction and delay muscle fatigue.

Pre-workout amino acids

Anabolic BCAA is the first amino acid supplement designed exclusively for pre-workout, thanks to its particular formulation based on:

  • BACC derived from fermentation in 3.2.1 ratio
  • Glutamine
  • HMB
  • Bisglycinate calcium
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Malic acid

When performing long and intense workouts, you can run low on BCAA, which are being used for energy directly in the muscles during the workout.

Amino acids ingested in the form of a supplement can be used by the muscles as an energy source to keep energy levels constant.

The synergy of BCAA + HMB + Glutamine provides an Energetic Surplus.

By balancing lactic acid levels, HMB allows for greater resistance, but also, as demonstrated by several studies, also higher levels of strength.

Glutamine helps to maintain clarity and concentration during the training session, contributing also to better hydration


> What does BCAA derived from “fermentation” mean?

Amino acids can be produced in various ways. The most common is acid or alkaline hydrolysis; however, both (especially the acidic one) can alter some amino acids, producing less pure amino acids.

Biological fermentation is required to obtain pure crystalline and pharmaceutical grade amino acids.

A more modern and sophisticated technology that provides microbial/bacterially created amino acids.

> Why a ratio of 3.2.1 between the three branched-chain amino acids? Why the addition of isoleucine?

The 3.2.1. ratio arises from the need to give leucine a central but not predominant role.

This is because leucine is most important for the muscle reconstruction post-training.

Isoleucine is a potent glucogenetic amino acid and a deficiency of it causes a more rapid drop in energy during intense workouts. This role is also emphasized by its function on blood sugar.

Isoleucine appears to promote the utilization of fat during the workout.

> What is the function of calcium? What are the advantages of the bisglycine form?

Calcium is one of the fundamental minerals for muscle contraction.

The presence of this mineral is essential for promoting contraction, preventing cramps and increasing resistance. Calcium bisglycinate is an innovative form of calcium that has 4 times the absorption capacity compared to other forms. Combined with the presence of calcium carbonate, it provides both a very valid alkanizing support to balance pH levels and at the same time a different absorption time which prolongs the effectiveness of the mineral, extending its use both during long workouts and after the workout.

> What is the use of Malic Acid?

Malic acid optimizes the generation and use of energy (both cp and atp), especially in a low oxygen situation, as in the anaerobic performance typical of intense body building workouts.

Its effects also benefit the muscle; in fact, malic acid is used in the treatment of fatigue and muscle fatigue syndromes.

> How is it different from G.A.C. 19?

Although both products are based on amino acids, they are very different from each other.

The formulation of GAC 19 is optimized for muscle reconstruction, therefore it is especially useful post-training, when the intake of leucine (10.1.1) is essential.

In fact, leucine is an amino acid involved in the regulation of protein synthesis in muscles.

By triggering the anabolic mTor pathway, which is essential for muscle growth, leucine helps increase muscle mass, maintain lean mass in case of caloric deficit, improve endurance and accelerate recovery.

The formulation of the anabolic BCAA, on the other hand, is specific for pre-training.

It can be used in synergy with nitric oxide stimulating products such as AKG 1250.

Nutritional Info

energy value 0 kcal

0 kj

0 kcal

0 kj

fermented bcaas (3:2:1)tm
of which
54,55 g
27,27 g
18,18 g
9,1 g
3,6 g
1800 mg
1200 mg
600 mg
l-glutamine 12,19 g 800 mg
football hmb 9,1 g 600 mg
calcium carbonate 4,5 g 300 mg
calcium bisglycinate chelate
of which calcium
2,0 g
3,6 g
133 mg
2140 mg
malic acid 4,5 g 300 mg
vitamin b6 0,14 g 9,5 mg 678%

* means the products
** 6 tablets of 1100 mg / each.
*** recommended daily ration


l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, l-glutamine, calcium hydroxymethylbutyrate, malic acid, calcium carbonate, calcium bisglycinate chelate, vit. B6; rheological stabilizers: microcrystalline cellulose, pvp, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Directions for use:

We recommend taking 6 tablets before physical activity.

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