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Invictus Oltre Limite is a company founded in 2016 from an idea of an entrepreneur who has dedicated years to the culture of sport, wellness and healthy training.

This idea includes customer satisfaction not only in terms of price or product quality, but also and above all in terms of psychological and physical well-being. Over time, Invictus Oltre Limite has become a recognized, reliable and credible partner for all those looking for sports nutrition and high quality food supplements at affordable prices.

The Invictus Oltre Limite brand not only presents itself on the market as a retailer of dietetic foods and food supplements, but its mission is to be an ambassador of a healthy and active lifestyle. We play an important role in the development of trends and are proud of our success in bringing sports nutrition closer to a wider audience of recreational athletes.

We try to distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering customers a wide choice of high quality products. We want to become synonymous with a healthy, active and satisfying lifestyle by making people identify with the Invictus Oltre Limite brands!

Our story does not end here. We continue to write it every day, with each of you.

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Ghiorghita Ionut Marius Ghiorghita Ionut Marius: Personal Trainer and dietetic and sports nutrition expert, has been practicing competitive sports since the age of 8, enjoying various disciplines on the national level, such as Greco-Roman wrestling, martial arts and body building.


From the very beginning his passion became a real job, specializing in the world of integration and fitness with various certificates of participation in the courses and technical seminars of BBF Italia:
• Basic techniques of the BKB Method
• Nutrition and Integration Technician
• Preworkout integration
Furthermore Diploma of:
• BKB Cross Training with qualification of Kettlebells & Core Trainer 1st Level and 2nd Level
• Body Building with qualification of National Coach 1st Level and 2nd Level
Finally course of:
• High Formation of Natural Peaking 2.0
• Dietetics, Physical Activity and Prevention of Chronic Pathologies

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  • Matteo Persanti
    Very prepared owner and good choice of products
    Matteo Persanti
  • Cristiano Campobrin
    Wonderful. Everything you need for sports integration goes. Excellent proteins.
    Cristiano Campobrin
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